• In the storage of Tori-cago calling for happiness, to interior at once from the feeling of life!
  • Store daily items and this brighten up your kitchen and bathroom with the cute bird.
  • It is so lovely to put some potpourri and place near the entrance.
  • To store small items and accessories.
  • Decorative accessory holder which is so elegant and adorable.
  • You can use cage and pot separately.
  • Please put your favorite gift into Tori-cago and have a gift!



Your happy motif

Birds are known as to bring success and wealth and represent luck since old days.Birds fly in with a mouthful of food for their babies, we believe they also bring happiness at the same time.Let this little birdcage stay beside you and we believe they will bring you good news and watching you. Hope you have a happy life...

Decorative hanging storage “tori-cago”, hang on clothesline, shelf or you can display on the cabinet or table like an elegant object. Storage small accessories, clothespins and planter.... Enjoy decorate, display, storage with this little bird together.



ABS Resin(Birdcage,Pot)



Birdcage Size:ø130×H319mm

Pot Size:W114×D116×H137mm

Weight 225g
PAT NO 1528473
Made in Japan
Scene Interior&FashionBath&Laundry


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