• A smart step stool which can be converted into other types of furniture.
  • Very sturdy structure and the lid hold up 150kg.
  • You can use it as a low table.
  • Some storage space and you can keep small items such as remote controllers.
  • Storage box for cosmetic and fashion accessories.
  • Stylish design associated with furniture.
  • You can also use it as a ottoman.
  • You can use one Stepfill for many purpose such as table and storage.
  • Table and chair for kids! Your kids may use it as a secret treasure box!
  • Beautiful silhouette fit into your interior.
  • Table for garden pods and store garden tool inside.
  • Storage space – the geometric pattern is inspired by our local city Gujo Hachiman’s geography where surrounded by beautiful nature, river and four seasons.
  • The table top is designed like fabric texture and as it is a soft material, you will feel comfortable when you sit on it.
  • Elastomer used for the bottom of legs and they work as anti-slip.
  • Perfect package as a gift.



Great step stools but they also can be used as side tables.

This smart and stylish step stool has many various uses as it can be converted into other types of furniture such as low table, ottoman and storage box. One step stool and a variety of ways to use.

It can be used for anything you think of, entrance, living room, kitchen, bed room and kids room for example.
This is a product designed and produced in Japan for old and young people.

The material of the top board is called elastomer which is known as a soft material and giving huge grip.
The bottom parts of the legs are also elastomer so they work as anti-slip and avoid scratches to the floors.

Well designed and sturdy construction so once the lid is on, it hold up to 150kg.


Materials 【Body、legs、Lower table top】Polypropylene
【Upper table top、Anti-slip】Elastomer
Size W365×257×268mm
Weight 2,500g
Weight Capacity 150kg
Made in Japan
Note Please stand center of the top board when you use it as a step stool and do not stand the end of the board.
Scene Interior&FashionStorage


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