• "Prevention of dementia" "anti-aging" Effect on "rejuvenation" enormous!
  • Enjoy the smell and refresh yourself with this portable item.
  • Hang it on the doors or cars.
  • Attach the chain and adjust the lenght.
  • Set the aroma stone and drop some essential oil into the stone.
  • A set of green for the daytime.
  • A set of purple for night.
  • Ingredients : Tea tree, Rosemary, Lemon
  • Ingredients : Lavender, Petitgrain, Orange

Aroma Sashel

Non-electric easy aromatherapy diffuser "Aroma Sashel".

Non electric easy Aromatherapy diffuser "Aroma Sashel".Two types of effectiveness aroma essential oil for the morning(GREEN) and at night(PURPLE). Adjustable chain holder to hang it on the door or you can keep it in a car or with your bags to bring with you. Wherever you go, you can refreshing yourself with this portable item!

set content

Aroma case (body, chain), aroma stone, essential oil 5 ml, instruction manual
※We use aroma stones and essential oils made at Atroma.

【Set of green】
Oil that activates activities during the day by smelling in the morning with a scent of tea tree, rosemary, lemon and so on.

【Set of purple】
A gentle, gentle lavender and orange scent, a night-time oil that supports high quality sleep.


Materials Silicone
Size W52×D22×H52mm
(not include the chain)
Weight 35g
Made in Japan
Scene Interior&Fashion


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