Our action for SDGs

We are proud to announce that our range of Hachiman Garden Pots, Planters and Koiki series have been officially approved by the UNITED NATIONS as fully meeting their global SDGs criteria.


Our Sustainable Development Goals

At Hachiman we understand that technical development needs to work hand in hand with protecting our precious environment. Machine needs to coexist alongside nature. Our constant mission is to continually reduce the amount of plastic used in our production whilst maintaining the effective use of natural resources.

Since the launch of our “Hachiman-Gardens Range” in 1998, over 20 years ago, we have been actively focused on working with recycling resources leading to a reduction of the amount of raw plastic we use by approximately 50%. This has been achieved by successfully blending virgin plastic with natural materials such as “wood chips” and “recycled paper”.

Hachiman products are not designed for disposable use, they are designed with a long lifetime in mind and thus to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

We only use wood from trees that have been properly cut for the purpose of managing and thinning forests to ensure their ongoing health and growth. The healthier the forest the more it is able to absorb, and thus reduce, carbon dioxide helping combat global warming.

Hachiman gardens

By mixing plastic with either wood chips or recycled paper in our unique production process we ensure our “Hachiman-Gardens Range” benefits from a solid construction making it incredibly durable.

koiki modern

Launched in 2003 our “KOIKI Modern Series” also blends virgin plastic with nature’s wood chips ensuring a more sustainable, and eco-friendly, product. All wood used is taken from properly managed forests where trees are thinned to allow proper growth maximising their ability to absorb carbon dioxide and thus help in the fight against global warming. The KOIKI collection, like all our products, has been designed to be durable, lasting up to a lifetime, and constructed to be tough enough for almost any task. Hachiman taking care of your home whilst taking care of our environment.

The end result means that our products can be happily used indoors or outdoors for a lifetime and not simply discarded into landfill after a few months or years to add to our ever-growing rubbish disposal problem effecting land, rivers, lakes and, of course, the sea and our marine life.

As people become aware of the benefit of keeping rather than discarding products our ranges are becoming more and more desirable across Europe and the world where people are growing to love and appreciate eco-friendly and sustainable products.

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We support the Sustainable Development Goals.

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