• Please have a moment of bliss made with a yacht.
  • The filter holder which totally looks like a Canvas and holds about 25 filters.
  • The dripper is made of soft material so it will not break if dropped. Suitable for diameter of 3.8-9.4cm cups.
  • Enjoy your cafe in a resort feeling!
  • Dripper is designed to be grasped easily from both sides! Support to making coffee simple and smooth.
  • This unique item shaped as a stylish sailing yacht riding on waves.
  • Suitable for diameter of 3.8-9.4cm cups.
  • It is perfect for gifts in a clear package.

Trip to Marina Coffee dripper & Filter holder


Coffee in a resort mood at home

This is an unique two part item which becomes one object.You can enjoy coffee, the special way to making coffee and relaxing cosy time. A heartwarming break time with your favourite cup of coffee, you will be on holiday on an island resort in an instant with this fun item. Coffee dripper shaped as a sailing yacht riding on waves, and coffee filter holder which totally looks like a canvas.



ABS Resin(Filter holder)

Elastomer(Coffee dripper)



【Filter holder】

【Coffee dripper】


Weight 120g
Heat Tolerance

Filter holder:100℃

Coffee dripper:120℃

PAT NO 1511008
Made in Japan
Scene KitchenwareMen’sStrageOutdoor


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