• The hanging pot that adds color to the space makes the wall glittery.
  • A wonderful lifestyle that loves flowers ...
  • Natural color with a rustic texture compatible with plants.
  • Mysterious and attractive navy color.
  • It is with S hook (2 pieces).

Hanging pot 300

The hanging pot that adds color to the space makes the wall glittery.

Hanging pots that can be hung on fences etc. will give the fence to partition the space coloring.
Wide type hanging 300 which can make small gusseted plants color the space and make the wall glittering.
It is with S hook (2 pieces).

Earth friendly, environmentally friendly material that can be expressed with a texture that is more natural by using raw materials that combine natural materials (wood powder), which also leads to resource saving and effective utilization. I direct flowers and greenery gently.

※ This item is using natural materials (wood powder), so the texture is different one by one. There are cases where wood powder is gathered in part or the color varies slightly depending on production lot. We can not accept returned goods for the above reasons, so please understand in advance and enjoy the texture of nature.



Polypropylene(harvested wood added)





Note S-hook included
Made in Japan
Scene Gardening


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