• The mood is always a top chef! Mittens that can be trusted even small
  • Of course the cuteness of the form! Mitten's thumb protects fingers from the heat of the pan.
  • Chopsticks stand....
  • As a recipe book stand. You may also able book to stand up right.
  • Depending on the pan it also becomes a pot lid grab.
  • You can attach the mitten to the pod in one hand.
  • Attach properly and take care not to burn your fingers.
  • Grab and move.
  • So much easy to attach and move the pod.
  • The ribs protect your fingers from the heat.
  • The concaves in the back support you to grab these mittens properly.
  • Inside bulge both top and bottom fit to the pot handles to prevent disconnect.
  • Inner size:W88×D35×H12mm
  • It is a clear package suitable for gifts.


Makes you a professional chef, it’s small but hardworking mitten.

Guess what?
These little quilting gloves are designed as Pot holders.

Attach these mittens to hot iron pot’s two handles just before you move the pot.

Easy to attach and remove in one hand. As a silicone material, they are soft and resistant to heat and washable.
The little mittens help your daily cooking more fun.




Product Size


Package Size W136×D100×H43mm


Heat toleance


Handling Precautions

・Please keep in mind that using it while it is attached to a pan put on fire may result in high temperature.

・Please do not use it in direct flame or oven.

・Depending on the knob shape of the lid, installation may not be possible.

PAT NO 1571091
Made in Japan
Scene Kitchenware


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